Me he enterado hace nada.

The translation given is “I just got the word”. Is this a colloquial expression or just a really bad translation??

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Hi @dac573,

Enterarse means “to find out”, as in “to be informed”, so me he enterado is essentially “I found out”. Literally, hace nada is “nothing ago” or as we’d say it, “just”. So, I’d translate the sentence as “I just found out”, or more colloquially in English as “I just got the word”.


Thanks @blogscot … “I just found out” makes more sense to me.

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[details=“English Translation”]I only just found out.[/details

“I just found out” is definitely better. Actually, I don’t think “I just got the word” is even what most people would say even if they used that formulation - many would say “I just got word that . . . “

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