Managing Cloze Collections

When trying to edit and save ‘text’ I see the following error message repeatedly.

Oh no! There was an error updating the sentences. Sorry about that. Please try again and let us know if you see this message again.

Thanks for letting us know! For which collection is this occurring and for which language pairing? What’s the text you’re trying to change? Lastly, if possible, could you also please post a screenshot?

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I’m trying to update my private cloze-collection, called “Iain’s Collection” - I was inspired naming this.

The language pairing is Español / English.

The text is “El joven ingeniero {{se hizo}} con el trabajo”. I’d prefer to have one cloze word instead of two as you can see in the imagine below:

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@mike, I just played through my collection again and noticed there were two entries for this sentence - one pre-edit and one post-edit. So it would seem that after editing the sentence and saving, the code generated the error when trying to overwrite something that was already in the collection.

I don’t know how the duplicate occurred, I don’t believe I entered it by mistake, but I can’t say for sure. However, I can say with certainty that once I noticed the double entry and removed the post-edit one everything was working fine again.


Thanks for the follow ups! That’s all helpful to know, and thanks for the screenshot. I’m admittedly having some trouble reproducing, so please do let me know if you notice the issue again. Is this a collection you’d downloaded and were also playing on the mobile app? I’m wondering at the moment if the issue is perhaps caused by syncing.

These days, I very rarely use the mobile app, as I prefer to touch type; my input via a mobile interface is about 20x slower. So, you can understand why my collection was created entirely via the web interface. Also, I don’t do any downloading or syncing.

If I see this issue reappear I’ll give you a heads-up. Te agradezco tu ayuda.