Make small word above cloze draggable

The small word above the cloze field often gets in the way of the rest of the text. It would be nice if it could be dragged out of the way. I realize that if you click on it, it disappears, and if you click on the cloze field, it reappears. But this is not as convenient as being able to move the field.

Thanks for the feedback! How does it get in the way of the text? Could you please send a screenshot if possible?


Well, here’s an example where the small word blocks a spelling hint. For an example where the small word blocks actual text, I’d need to keep going through until I encountered a long sentence, extending over several lines, where the cloze word was not in the first line. If I have time, and if you think it’s necessary in order to understand the problem, I can do that.

Thanks! That’s helpful, no need for more. Will see what I can do.