Make "Report an Error" dialog movable

When the “Report an Error” dialog comes up, it blocks most of the sentence that I want to report an error about. Since the dialog is modal and cannot be moved, and since I don’t always remember all the relevant contents of the sentence, sometimes I need to write my feedback, copy it to the clipboard, dismiss the dialog, look at the sentence again, click again on the button for error reporting, paste the contents of the clipboard into the dialog, and click “Submit”. That’s way too much work.


That’s a great idea.

It is a great idea. Currently you cannot see the sentence and type into the dialogue box at the same time.

A similar issue, in reporting an error, is that the row of accent/diacritic boxes is obscured/unavailable. Hence if the point you are trying to make involves replicating an accent/diacritic, you are SOL. Now, to solve this problem, it is possible to copy/paste that diacritic from the previous screen… but that takes planning and effort. And no doubt discourages the reporting, especially in languages using lots of accents.


@mike, how easy would it be to make this change?

I wonder if clozemaster management really wants to encourage more error reporting. For it appears that the content is picked up from Tatoeba, and if there’s an error there, it’s replicated here. (And to be clear, i am talking about an error in the sentence or translation of a particular sentence. It appears that clozemaster management is quite interested in fixing ‘bugs’… as these are systematic errors that could reappear, in significant numbers, in different language pairings, etc.)