Make it easier to Ignore 1 sentence

Since the last release, when you press the hotkey for “Ignore”, the default selected option in the popup has now become “Ignore All”.

This is somewhat annoying for my workflow, because I usually want to ignore only a single sentence. The reason is that even if I know the correct word in the context of one particular sentence, I may not always know that the same word can also be used in another context. When I “Ignore All” sentences with the same word, I risk missing out on those cases. Also, I like to see every sentence at least once, so that I can become familiar with other vocabulary that occurs in a sentence, even if it’s not the cloze word.

Would it be possible to create a hotkey for “quickly ignore 1 sentence”? How I envision this, is that when I press the hotkey, it just briefly shows the text “ignoring…” somewhere on the screen and then immediately goes to the next sentence. No popups, no additional confirmation step. Just make the key combination hard enough so that you don’t accidentally trigger it :wink:


Thanks for the feedback! Short term fix - the focus should now be on the “ignore just this sentence” button when the modal opens.

Longer term it’d be cool to have a “go back to previous sentence” like you mentioned in your previous post, along with an “undo” feature so we can get rid of the confirmations/popups.


To have “undo” sounds like a great and very useful feature. Thanks!

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