MacOS only showing Eloquence options

As of latest update to Ventura, only the Eloquence system voice options are showing in Clozemaster settings and not other Apple options like Siri / Juan (MX Enhanced) / Jorge (ES Enhanced) which are much higher quality and more realistic.

I do not have the same problem on IOS for iPad / iPhone both of which are showing all options.

Actions taken on MacOS:

  1. Downloaded multiple voices in accessibility.
  2. Set Jorge (ES) as default for Spanish.
  3. Restarted Mac & Safari.
  4. Went to settings in multiple choice game. → Voices not available.

Only options are Eloquence based options. & Closemaster voice (which seems to take about 2x time to start)

The problem has recently gotten stranger in MacOS 13.0.1. While using Spanish review with settings set to a specific system voice, I will get many sentences in a set using a very different voice with a very different sped setting (about 2x - vs. the setting of 1x that the voice setting is at).

So far I haven’t found a pattern in this and the change recently happened even though there were no recent setting changes.

This is appearing in MacOS / Safari 16.1 using the web interface.