Lost streak despite earning points every day

I just noticed that my previously 400+ day streak is now 2 days, but my weekly graph shows that I did earn points every day for the past six days. What happened?

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Sorry about that! We had a server issue earlier in the week, may have been related. Should be all set now. Please let me know of course if it should happen again. Awesome streak! :raised_hands:

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Thank you for fixing it! I figured it was gone for good!

The same thing happened to me! I’ve lost a 725 day streak, it is now showing just two days but my stats for last week confirm that I played every day. Can you fix it for me please, Mike?

I just lost my streaks for my Russian from English and German from English courses, My streaks in both were only a couple of months, but this is the second time this has happened in just the past couple of weeks and it’s pretty discouraging. The timeline on the dashboard for both courses show I did sentences yesterday for both courses.

My streak has now been fixed. Cheers!

Thank you for fixing my streaks, Mike!