Listening Stuck Without Answer

I’ve started running into a problem where sometimes the listening mode gets stuck after playing the audio. It plays the audio, and then nothing pops up - not the target sentence and cloze, not the translation, not the control buttons, etc. I can continue to press the audio button to replay the sentence audio over and over, but nothing seems to change and the only way to remedy is to navigate away from the current exercise.

Note that this isn’t the same issue as Listening Mode Note Working (although it could be related in the website infrastructure) since my only happens intermittently and not every time I try to start listening mode on Fluency Fast Track.

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Thanks for letting us know! What browser and OS are you using? Also do you happen to know if it’s when using the Clozemaster voices or your system’s voices (should be able to see/toggle via the game settings, gear icon bottom right)?

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Sorry for the late response, I’ve had a busy month. I’m using Firefox 78, on Arch Linux. There doesn’t seem to be an option for voices in the settings menu so I’m guessing it’s Clozemaster voices. (see below)

All this being said, I don’t seem to be experiencing it again so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that whatever was causing it seems to have been fixed.