Link to bug report that is probably not language-specific

I posted this under the forum specific to the language I was playing:

However, it indicates a bug, so I want to make sure it gets read by @mike . Note that it may be language-independent but sentence-specific.


Hi @alanf, it’s not a bug, but a feature :grin:.

No, actually it really is a feature, - it is the way that Clozemaster deals with typing responses when a sentence has alternative answers available. As you don’t appear to have seen this before, I’m guessing that there aren’t any alternative answers in any of the sentences in the Russian course.

In the particular sentence that you posted, there are 2 alternative answers that have been included by the collection owner (Clozemaster), as you can see in the screenshot from the sentence search -

If Clozemaster detects that you are typing in a valid alternative answer, it stills marks this as green as long as it is still valid. After answering, the intended primary answer will always be displayed instead (in this case séduisante).

In this case, the first three letters “att” matched the answer attirante and so it was displayed in green, but when you entered the fourth letter as an “r” then this didn’t match the alternative answer.

If you don’t like this feature then there is no way to disable alternative answers by default. You can however go in and replace them sentence-by-sentence with a space (this is the only way of “deleting” them, as there needs to be something in the alternative answers box otherwise Clozemaster will keep using the ones provided by the collection owner). Note though, that there aren’t many sentences that contain alternative answers by default.


Thanks for the informative reply.