Level 137 is shown as 127 Italian from English

@mike - just a small big thing! Hopefully the current dashboard Level 127 will eventually change to Level 137? I hope so.

I was so busy with Italian grammar I didn’t notice the Dashboard hadn’t updated. Lots of “levelling up to 137 greetings” alerted me to the incorrect 127. Seems some scores aren’t recording again. Hope my profile pic explains all.

Last Wed or Thursday I found that somehow or other French had been added to my courses so I used the red bucket and deleted this with zero work throughout. Could this have been part of the problem?

Thanks again for helping to update me to my hard-earned Level 137.

Edit: @mike - query now explained so no problem. We live and learn;-)

I’m not sure that’s an error. 127 is your level for Italian from English, which comes from 439,366 points. You also have 152,962 points for English from Italian. That’s level 95. The levels from each language pair don’t add because as you go further up the ladder, it takes more points to reach each level. I really don’t pay any attention to the levels any longer because there’s no clear order of progression. (I’m sure there’s a table in the database somewhere, but I’ve never been able to see the pattern and have lost any interest in trying.)

While the levels don’t add, the points do. Your OVERALL level is determined by the sum of points from all of your courses. In this case 439,366+152,962 = 592,268, which apparently evaluates to level 137. As I said, the level in your main profile is completely independent of the levels in each language. It’s dependent only on your points, and is separately calculated.

The more English from Italian you play, the wider the gap between your overall level, and the level of your Italian from English course, will become.

With regard to the greetings, the activity feed shows each level up separately. Thus we have:

  • 8 days ago you levelled up to 127 for Italian from English.
  • 3 days ago you levelled up to 95 for English from Italian, and then
  • A bit later 3 days ago your OVERALL score increased so that you levelled up to an OVERALL level 137.
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Ciao @LuciusVorenusX Thank you for taking so much time to explain all this. Very kind of you indeed. I don’t often worry about levels but with a recent blip and having French added for no reason, I was probably over-sensitive.

I’m definitely far better with words than figures so will happily get back to some grammar drills instead.

Mille grazie di nuovo for your time, and have a really good day;-)


There’s one potential reason… unintended masochism? :wink:

I’ve put both French and German on ice in CM for the moment. It’s not that I’ve dropped them but CM is a better tool once you reach around the A2 to B1 level, which I’m not. I’m therefore trotting back to Assimil, though the Assimil French course leaves a LOT to be desired compared to the Italian one. The need to accumulate some vocabulary and grammar before jumping into CM is even more acute in a language which has 17 different spellings for one pronunciation come francese. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@LuciusVorenusX Ouch indeed;-) I would love to liven up mon Francais and was sorely tempted to try, but my head and heart are so full of Italian that Levels would be the least of my probs lol.

Nice to chat, tanti auguri e stammi bene eh!