Lesson Reminder Glitch

I don’t know that I’d go so far as to call this a bug because it doesn’t have any detrimental impact (at least not now, it may have for me just after the upgrade), but it does seem to be a glitch.

One of the issues that I noticed with the upgrade is that my streak vanished. I had played a few questions the day before my time, then when I first logged in after the upgrade, poof, my streak was gone in a puff of vapour. I was not at all pleased at the time but have since resigned myself to “stuff it, it’s only a streak”.

I did some more questions so I returned to a streak of 1 day. However at the end of the day I got a practice reminder, which I have set for 7pm my time. I didn’t do any further practice that day to see whether my streak reset the next morning my time again; it didn’t.

I’ve had the reminder turn up every evening since despite the fact that I’ve done some practice each day. It’s just turned up again now notwithstanding that the streak counter on the dashboard shows a green tick indicating that I’ve done some questions that day.

I just took a look at my settings. My timezone APPEARS to have been set to American Samoa (GMT-11), but it probably isn’t really. My real time zone is GMT+10, the reminder is set for 7pm, and the reminder e-mail is coming out at 7pm my time.

I was going to set my timezone correctly and toggle the reminder on and off BUT the page will not allow you to change only your timezone; it demands a password change as well because otherwise you get an error about the password being blank. And I would rather NOT change my password.

Just to add to that if I click on the “Set a reminder” link on the dashboard it says “No reminder set”, notwithstanding that it appears set on the account page. And obviously… it IS set or I wouldn’t be getting the e-mails.

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Same problem for me: I get a reminder e-mail despite having done my daily practice. This problem appeared after the recent release. For now I have disabled the email reminders, and will turn it on in a few days, maybe this fixes it.

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I’ve also received a reminder email the past two evenings despite having practiced each day. I just checked my settings and I was also set for American Samoa, though I received the emails at the time I set them for in my time zone. I’ve now reset my settings to my actual time zone.

@mike is good about fixing mysteriously broken streaks if you ask. Mine disappeared after the update, but has been reinstated.

@LuciusVorenusX, your username reminds me of the “Rome” TV series. I’m such a fan of it that I was inspired to take up Latin on Duolingo and then here.

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@LuciusVorenusX @meister @kadrian reminder emails should now be fixed. Please let us know if they still don’t seem to be working correctly.

@LuciusVorenusX your streak should now be reset as well. Same here - please let us know if it still seems off.

And yep thanks for pointing that out @kadrian - any mysteriously broken streaks please let us know and we’ll get it fixed!


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Hi @mike, I think there’s a regression connected to your fix. What happens now is if I set a daily reminder and refresh the page, the reminder is cleared :man_shrugging:
This means I effectively can not set daily reminders.


Thanks for letting us know! This should now be fixed - please let us know if you’re still seeing it get cleared.