Le pedí que me informe en caso de cualquier problema.

Text to speech hast a different sentence for this sentence. The sentence is in Subjunctive, Indicative, and Imperative

I would say that it should be “informara” or “informase”.

Text to speech ist still from a different Sentence.

I don’t understand why the correct answer is “informara”.

I believe it’s a case of reported speech (aka indirect speech). In this case, it’s an indirect request.

By using indirect speech, we don’t have to repeat what the speaker has said word-for-word. By omitting the direct quotation, we can paraphrase someone else’s words, focusing more on the content of what someone said, rather than their exact words. Note that, since it is used to relay what someone said, it is almost always used in a past tense.

You can read more about it here.

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I’m a bit confused because the forum topic sentence here does not match what I saw in the exercise. The sentence I saw was, " Le pedí que me informara en caso de cualquier problema." I clicked the button and ended up here, and the sentence in the title is, " Le pedí que me informe en caso de cualquier problema." I’m not sure, but “informe” would be subjunctive, which seems right? I don’t know what “informara” is.

Ah, the subjunctive mood has a present (presente), future (futuro), and a past tense (imperfecto). The subjunctive future tense is very rarely used nowadays except in official writing.


yo informe
tú informes
él, ella, usted informe
nosotros, nosotras informemos
vosotros, vosotras informéis
ellos, ellas, ustedes informen
vos informes, *informés

informara o informase
informaras o informases
informara o informase
informáramos o informásemos
informarais o informaseis
informaran o informasen
informaras o informases



I’ve lately come to realize that the choice of informe vs. informara is a matter of perspective: if you asked him ten years ago, it leans towards informara (it’s all in the past), but if you asked him just now, informe would indicate that you expect him to inform you from now on.