Le hace ascos a todo.

English Sentence

He’s a sucker for anything.

I wonder if the Spanish and the English sentences are a good match.

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He turns his nose up at everything.

My dictionary says it’s an idiom:

hacerle ascos a algo (informal)
to turn one’s nose up at something


I’m sorry if my post was confusing, as I had manually changed the “translation” before posting (now corrected). I was actually wondering whether the Spanish is a good match for “He’s a sucker for anything”, which is the translation given by CM (but not on Tatoeba).

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Oh, I see. :grin:

He’s a sucker for anything.

To answer your original question, ‘a sucker for’ describes someone who is susceptible to or fond of something, whereas the idioms hacerle ascos a algo or to turn your nose up at something means ‘to show distaste or contempt for something’. So the English and the Spanish translations are particularly bad matches, I’d say.