Last word frequently cut off using Listening feature

I mostly use the Listening option to improve my aural comprehension of French. I have it set for 1.25x speed and find that the last word is often heavily truncated or omitted entirely. I’d like to use 1.5x speed, but find this issue gets much worse when I do.

Is this just the nature of the automated voices?

Thanks for letting me know! Is this primarily on the web? The next time it happens could you please the sentence so I can try reproducing? Thanks again!

Hi Mike,

Here are a few sentences that I noticed this issue with today at 1.25 speed:

Elles sont en train de gagner de temps (I don’t hear “de temps” at all)

Nous n’avons rien fait (don’t hear “fait”)

Le cœur sert à pomper du sang (don’t hear “du sang”)

C’est une théorie intéressante, mais je ne vois pas comment elle peut être testée (I either don’t hear the last word at all, or only the “t”)

If I replay the sentence multiple times, sometimes the first letter of the last word is audible, and sometimes it’s not pronounced at all.

In the cases above, the cloze word wasn’t the inaudible word, but sometimes it is. I’ve only noticed this on the web.

Here are a few more where the last word was omitted. The cloze word was the last word in each of these cases. I was listening at 1.5 speed.

Quelle robe de mauvais goût.

Il n’est ni pour ni contre ce plan.

J’espère pouvoir joindre les deux bouts.

Thanks! That’s super helpful. Will see what we can do.