Large amount of cloze errors - Italian

This happened to me a year or so ago, but I have recently reported a large number of cloze errors (4-5 per session) with really odd errors. These are sentences I have seen and answered before, with no issues. But all of a sudden the translations are wildly different. The CLOZE is the same, but the sentence is an entire mismatch to its translation. Not even close in most cases.

Last time this happened some kind of refresh of my account was needed. can this be done again? Thanks.

Hmm, sorry you’ve had such a negative experience here. Sounds like private tutoring is the way to go tho’ a tad costly compared to Cloze. Few language sites are perfect these days, thankfully we can at least enjoy discussing any cloze “errors”.

Well not looking to leave, I love CM - and in fact have a tutor as well. This is just a bug.

This seems to be a semi-regular thing in which CM gets out of sync with the source. Mike fixed it last time.

For which collection? Are you playing on the web or mobile app? If the latter, is the collection downloaded? Sorry for the trouble and thanks for any additional info!

Italian - Legacy Fast Track. I believe it was on the web. Not downloaded. I reported the incidents as errors, so they should be flagged.

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Thanks! They’re flagged - if you happen to see another wild mismatch, could you please send the sentence as well as the translation you’re seeing? A number of the reported ones have expected translations, so want to be sure we’re seeing what you’re seeing. Thanks again and sorry again for the issue!

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sure! I was rushing when they happened but will fully document next time.

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Here are three examples: using mobile website (not app) - iOS. The translation is wildly wrong, although the cloze is not.

And here is another from my Mac laptop (not mobile). Note I reset progress a few months ago - would that have something to do with this?