Language Pairing Order: Alphabetical order

I have a question, if you are learning the same language from different languages, how are those courses ordered? Alphabetically no, because it’s different for all languages, and when I add a new course all the courses change the order.

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I don’t understand what you’re asking?

For me they do seem to be ordered alphabetically, by the language name, in that language?

E.g. I’m learning “Italiano” from 3 languages (not really, I was mostly testing a few things in the other pairings): in alphabetic order “English”, “Español”, and “Nederlands”. Greek is below it, but perhaps because it’s using a different alphabet/script?

Or do you mean that if I were to select “Italiano” from “Nederlands” the Clozemaster “system” language would change and my languages would get ordered “Italiano” from “Engels”, “Nederlands” and “Spaans”?

Given that they’re written in the local language already though, I wouldn’t expect it to change, unless you change the “system” language setting, but let me confirm.

Update: I just confirmed, as I suspected, the order stays the same for me, regardless of which language I’m learning from. Perhaps you are using the app instead? Is it different there? Or could you show a screenshot of the change that occurs?


Here you can clearly see that it’s not ordered alphabetically. And if I add a new language they change order.

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Strange, perhaps I just got lucky with my order. I guess others might have the same as you though I guess not many people will have added learning from multiple languages.

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There is a setting under the Account menu; Language Pairing Order.

By default it seems to be set to “Streak” which is why for me Italian is at the top since I’ve a streak of I-Can’t-Believe-it’s-over-600-days, German is next with a mere 3 days (or it is now anyway). The remainder of the list appears to be alphabetical since both French and Latin have a zero day streak but I know for certain that I practiced Latin more recently.

If I change it to alphabetical then the order changes with Deutsch on top:

Which is not what I want because obviously Italian is far and away my priority.

I think the intention is to make the most commonly played languages appear at the top of the list. In YOUR case it may be preferable to have the most recently played ones appear at the top since you seem to play specific languages for a period and then move on to others… but that’s not an option at the moment and would be a Mike question.

You can however get alphabetical list if you want it by changing the setting above.


When set to “Streak” order, the courses that have the same Streak are ordered by points. So that’s why french is above latin. (I used streak order for a long time).

I have this.

The courses are ordered correctly, just that when a language has more than 2 courses, example: ITALIANO - ESPAÑOL , ITALIANO - ENGLISH , ITALIANO - PT , these, seem to just follow a random order.

It is correctly ordered now. Thanks CM :smiley:

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