Italian from English streak lost! Again!

@mike Hi. I wonder if you could review my streak please, which I’m amazed to find says 1 day. I ensure that I hit target every single day. Perhaps this was affected by working offline yesterday 26th although it synched ok? You can see that I’ve worked every day for 926 happy days;-)

Many thanks in anticipation…

Hi, @mike and the team. Hope you had a good weekend. Hope to hear from you soon.

@mike and the Team. Sitting outside on a garden bench in the sun, doing “The Conditional”, what a lovely surprise… my streak has returned! Sun and Streak all in one day, so mille grazie, thank you so much, greatly appreciated!


A nice streak for sure! Hopefully Mike can resolve the issue soon…


Why thank you @SpringPaper. My streak tends to give me the oomph to keep going.