Is the default config really that you'll eventually have heaps of mastered sentences every day in review?

I’ve been plodding away at the Polish from English FFT for long enough that I’m seeing my review pile grow substantially larger than the gap between playing and mastered. That is:

  • Playing: 2,161 / 17,428
  • Mastered: 1,494
  • Therefore I have 667 non-mastered sentences
  • Ready for Review: 1,155

I assumed until now that mastered words would go away entirely but now it seems like they will repeat every 180 days indefinitely unless I go in and change it. Is that correct/intended?

My goal is to complete and ideally master the entire FFT. Basic maths suggests that by the time I had every sentence in play, on average I would be doing 97 reviews every day just to keep the mastered sentences at bay, plus whatever ones I had to go through the sequence again because I made a mistake or forgot them. At my usual 50-150 reviews per day (which I intend to improve a bit) I’m clearly stuffed.

It seems I should just set the repeat time to “Never” for 100% mastered. Am I missing something more basic?

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Eh, whinge whinge whinge. Clearly I just need to do 200/day and then it will all be fine.

Yes, once you hit that six month mark, it seems you have to start reviewing sentences you’ve already long ago mastered. It’s a little annoying.

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Hi parazite. Yes, with the default review options, all your mastered sentences will return every 180 days. I like to keep my review counts low and keep making progress, so I changed mine to Never for mastered sentences for exactly that reason.

Just a heads-up that if you do change that config option, I think it only affects sentences you master going forward, and the ~1500 sentences that you already mastered will still return on their 180 day schedule. I don’t know if there’s a way to change them all in bulk.

I wonder, have you overlooked the button that lets you to set a cloze to “fully mastered”, i.e., with a next-review date of January 1, 2100? In my opinion, it’s a good default to schedule a recurring review after six months. You might not need it for basic vocabulary, but more infrequently used words may need a refresher from time to time.


great. Now I will can’t even look forward to ringing in the 22nd century, knowing that I have tens of thousands of reviews looming in the future.


But we’ll all be speaking Esperanto by then, surely! :wink:


the language of the future, and always will be

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