Is it possible to be the benevolent dictator for a minor language? (Occidental/Interlingue)

Having Occidental/Interlingue has been great but there are some changes I’d like to make:

  • Some sentences have errors
  • There is no ordering by frequency
  • No audio

I’d love to take care of all that if possible. Fixing sentences is easy and so is frequency, as we have about 4000 pages of the magazine Cosmoglotta to draw from. For audio there’s the possibility of directly recording if Clozemaster allows that (I and others can do that) but also perhaps setting up a way to do it via another language like Italian. This for example is pronounced perfectly using Italian, while this (ella ama esser felici) is almost perfect. In Occ it’s pronounced Ella ama esser felitsi, and changing it to that works perfectly.

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Yep - that’d be great, thanks! We’re still building out the moderator features, so will be great to get your feedback/input as well. Please email