Irish Language children's story **"Room on the Broom"** and

There’s a delightful Irish Language children’s story “Room on the Broom” and if you start playing it you can click on as Gaeilge subtitles (on the right hand bottom side) so you can read the Irish whilst listening to the Irish words - what happens on screen shows you the meaning of what is going on - it’s 25 minutes - but it is sweet. Or you can just let the language wash over you and watch and have a bit of a giggle. There’s a couple of classic moments in “Room on the Broom” if you watch it let me know which was your favourite moment. (No spoilers le do thoil!) For me I have two favourite moments it’s the cat and the haystack and when the witch shares her leaves with the insects. This is an Irish language production for Irish language learners like us, and the moments of homage to Japanese anime create some beautiful moments, where Buddhist Mindfulness for the small things and details is honoured and cherished. Our living language is engaging with communities around the world. The connectedness of us all and belonging is explored in subtle but entertaining way. There’s subtle parallels with Irish culture and history, of sharing and being present with this now.

In Irish

In English

You can change between the English and Irish versions to see what it looks like.