Increase Daily Goal

Why is the daily limit only 1000? It’s barely ‘insane’. Depending on what I’m doing, I can rack up 1000 points in about 10-15 minutes. That’s not enough time. I’d love to see the limit increase to at least 5000. Some people might be able to do even more than that. Reasonably, I could hit 2000-3000 points every day. It should be a quick fix.

What do you think?

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Bottom line: I suppose one answer that the limits aren’t set higher could be that Clozemaster doesn’t want to encourage beginners to burn themselves out, and doesn’t find that longer-term users need the higher levels to motivate themselves.

Since you get higher numbers of points for sentences that you’ve partially or completely mastered, you don’t start racking up large numbers of points until you have played for long enough to start seeing those 50%, 75%, 100% mastered sentences. Trying to get 1000 points as an utter beginner requires at least 1000 points/(8 points/sentence) = 125 sentences (for text input), which is quite a few. And that assumes that you get every sentence correct, which is probably not the case (if you do, Clozemaster isn’t doing much for you). I find that I can do about 3 sentences a minute (Russian from English, and I’ve been studying the language for a number of years now), so that takes more than 40 minutes. I think that signing up for 40 minutes of practice a day is pretty ambitious, if not insane.

At some point after I started having a real review queue to deal with, I found that trying to clear the review queue (and do at least a few new sentences) was already a better motivator than the number of points I got for the day. There are other motivators as well: progressing a level, watching the number of points pass a milestone, ending up in the top X players, etc.


Honestly, I wish I could say I see your point. But I’m about to shred it up. I hate to be rude, but please consider the following.

Lower point limits are already available for beginners. Nobody is forcing beginners to burn themselves out by doing over 1000 points a day. They can just as easily choose 100 points a day. The system already fairly accommodates beginners. By increasing the point limit, Clozemaster wouldn’t be encouraging beginners to burn themselves out. They would still be offering beginners the options that are appropriate for them.

When learning a language, it’s very important to realistically gauge your progress and level. That way, you don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you’re only capable of 500 points per day, then you should choose that.

Personally, I’m capable of up to 4000. I’d like to be able to aim for that, or at least higher than 1000. That’s great that you find that clearing the backlog of reviews to be a good motivator. Personally, I would be motivated to learn Italian no matter what vehicle I am being offered. I am merely offering a suggestion that could be easily implemented, and beneficial for advanced learners. By offering more options for advanced learners, Clozemaster wouldn’t be taking away anything from beginner learners, and certainly wouldn’t be ‘encouraging’ them to bite off more than they could chew.

Progressing levels, and climbing up the leaderboard, although fair motivators, aren’t as much of a valuable meter for progress as daily points are. Levels are arbitrary. It’s nice that they turned learning languages into a Final Fantasy game, but the levels don’t actually mean anything outside of Clozemaster itself. Climbing up the leaderboard, for me, is none of my concern; some people may already be fluent, some have been using clozemaster for years, and I’ll never catch up to them. My best bet to track my progress is to be able to compare the amount of points I get every day. If i reach 2000 points every day, I can tell myself “I did roughly more work than i did yesterday.” “I didn’t do as much work as I did yesterday.” Which is a value meter of progress.

Implementing my idea would not somehow encourage beginners to not choose the options that they are already being encouraged to choose.

It’s interesting that you think that 40 minutes of practice a day is insane. I often practice Italian upwards of 2 hours a day, especially on weekends. Not only using clozemaster, but listening to videos, reading articles, reading books, reading memes, looking for new words, saving new words, practicing sentences out loud. I have been learning Italian for about 4 to 5 years. I pay for the yearly subscription. most beginners don’t. I’m all for encouraging beginners, but adding an extra option for advanced learners isn’t going to discourage them. If a beginner selects an advanced option then finds that they can’t keep up with it, and that’s the reason they quit, perhaps they’re not language learners at heart. They could have just as easily choose the option that was already given to them. The entire notion, I find, is pretty ridiculous. I appreciate your comment, I just disagree entirely.

I disagree that by offering advanced point limit option beginner learners would be discouraged.
I disagree that daily points are not a useful marker of progress.
I disagree that over 40 minutes of language learning a day is ‘pretty ambitious, if not insane’.
I disagree that anyone is asking a beginner to review as many sentences as I can.

Bottom line? Onward with increased point limits.


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When I said that 40 minutes of language learning a day is “pretty ambitious, if not insane”, the “if not insane” part was tongue-in-cheek. It was meant in the spirit of “of course, language learners are insane anyway”, which is how Clozemaster uses the word. For the record, I do put in more than 40 minutes a day, and I reserve the right to call myself insane. :slight_smile:

Also, I was purely speculating, not arguing. I have no idea what the reason is, and I have no investment in keeping the levels as they are.


We did err on the lower side like @alanf suggested, and there was some guessing involved, so we are overdue to reconsider the daily goal. How would you feel about a custom daily option / being able to enter your own number of points?

And a related question - would you rather have the daily goal metric be number of sentences played rather than points? I’ve often thought that might be more interesting/useful.


I was just going to suggest the same, my ideal daily goal (and preferably also custom review/playing option) would consist of x new sentences played and x sentences reviewed (though the reviewed will be harder to achieve if you haven’t played enough sentences previously), so perhaps just being able to specify a custom total sentences played (including reviews) would be very useful indeed.


Sorry Alan, sometimes it’s hard for me to read sarcasm. I really don’t mean to sound rude, but I really wanted to address some points you made.

A custom Daily Goal that could be changed whenever would certainly be an ideal solution.

Turkish Translation

İnsanları işaret etmek kalabalıktır.

Right translation should be : “İnsanları işaret etmek kabalıktır.”