Incorrect translation added in discussion box when not the first sentence in a round

There’s a bug in the new feature that adds the translation to any comments that are to be posted from the app.

The bug is that the translation that is added in the comment box is the translation for the first sentence in a round. This translation of the first sentence in the round then gets propagated across all sentences in that round.

As an example, let’s say that I’m reviewing Italian from English and I have 10 sentences per round.
In this example, the first sentence is Il gatto è sul tavolo with an English translation of “The cat is on the table”.
Now let’s say that the seventh sentence is Al cane piace il gatto with an English translation of “The dog likes the cat”. In this case I decide that I want to open a discussion about this, so I click on the discussion button. Instead of seeing the correct translation for this sentence in the automatically inserted <details> field, I see the translation “The cat is on the table” inserted instead.

I’m currently doing reviews rather than new sentences, so I don’t know whether it is specific to reviews.

Could you please look into this and see if it can be easily fixed?


I was just about to report this too.


Thanks for letting us know @zzcguns @galning - this should now be fixed. :raised_hands: Please let us know of course if you’re still seeing the incorrect translation or notice any other issues.