Incorrect Answers Colored Green

When I answer something incorrectly, the website marks it green as if it were a correct answer. Note the red X at the top indicating I answered incorrectly.

There seems to be a logical root to the problem: the coloring system knows to mark the correct word as green and anything else red, but when you answer a question incorrectly it displays the correct word in the cloze and thus the coloring system sets it to green.

While this isn’t a gamebreaking bug, it certainly is annoying and forces me to do a doubletake since I notice the word color quicker than the little red X at the top and thus often initially think I answered correctly.

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This should now be fixed - thanks for the bug reports! The incorrect answer’s color won’t be changed now, so in other words green when correct, black/white (depending on dark mode) when incorrect. It should still be red if colors hints are turned on before submitting the answer, and after submitting if you want to re-type the correct answer.