In Listening/Transcribe in Russian, "ё" is not accepted for "е"

In Vocabulary Mode/Text Input in Russian, the letter “ё” (pronounced “yo”) is accepted for the letter “е” (pronounced “ye”), and vice versa. This is not just convenient, but helps deal with the fact that often “е” is printed in real life (for instance, in newspapers, and sometimes at Tatoeba) when “ё” is meant.

However, I’ve discovered that when playing Listening Mode/Transcribe, this is not the case. You still need to type whatever the character is in the original sentence. Thus, with a sentence like “Я хочу зеленый” (“I want the green one”), which could alternatively be written as “Я хочу зелёный”, you need to type “Я хочу зеленый” and not “Я хочу зелёный” because whoever wrote the original sentence chose not to use “ё”.

In Listening Mode/Transcribe, could you please treat “ё” and “е” as equivalent, the way you do in Vocabulary Mode/Text Input? Thanks a lot!