"Il nostro hotel è a bordo mare"

English from Italian gives us “Our hotel faces the coast”.

I would be a lot happier if the translation gave our English learners “Our hotel is by the sea” but as always, I’m happy to be corrected.


Actually, on Tatoeba, the English translation of the sentence does seem to be the odd one out (when compared to languages that I can at least remotely comprehend, with all of them going for something along the lines of “borders on/is adjacent to/is located on/is right by the (sea) coast”.

I’m also not quite sure how to interpret the logs on the side, but also noticed the following:

Our hotel faces the coast.

added by an unknown member, date unknown

So perhaps the original translator deleted their account, or the sentence translation was somehow sourced in a different manner, but I guess we thus can’t verify their native languages and such.

I would say both the Italian and the English sentences are valid, but the connection is dubious.

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Ciao ragazzi. When I read “faces the coast” I feel my hotel would have to be out at sea or across the channel in order to “face the coast” ie the shoreline, cliffs, coastline.

Still, I get the gist (il succo) so no problema.

A più tardi…