If I change my review settings

Will I lose my streak? It happened once before, perhaps it was a bug, but I’m nervous to make a further change.

Any advice?

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Ciao @Floria7, I don’t think you need to worry if you just change the number of days between reviews, or the like, as that will only affect future reviews, not those you have in your queue. At least, that’s my experience.


Mille grazie @morbrorper, I will see how it goes.

Stay well👋


I change my review settings on a daily basis - sometimes several times on a daily basis - depending on which collection I’m playing at the time. It’s the closest I can get to setting review times by collection. I’ve never lost a streak over it. You should be fine, but if in doubt do a few questions both before and after the change.


Thank you @LuciusVorenusX Most kind.

Have a good day.