Ideas on communication between users & thoughts on the game elements in Clozemaster

I don’t reckon there is a shortcut to this forum on Clozemaster; I found it by accident so to say.
Maybe it could be useful to put one in the “follow Clozemaster” box for pro users?
And perhaps letting pro users know they get to use the forum as well, in the mail they receive and possibly with a pop up in game. (Not that I overly cared, but the whole process of getting pro user was fairly anticlimatic - for an app positioned as a game, at least).
Besides, when you click “updates” at the bottom of Clozemaster’s webpage, it leads to, which is quite unrelated to updates as judging by the content of the feed.
Putting up a pretty changelog somewhere, perhaps even on this forum (which will make it, by the way, more active) by creating a new topic each time there is something new in a dedicated section where normal users cannot create topics, would definitely value your developing efforts. Right now, there may have been no update for the last three years; it’s hard to tell.

I think you have identified as one of your prime priorities to boost contact between your userbase so that they can help towards improving the app. I think you would really benefit from building a faithful community and empowering it to make your app better.
One step towards that is building a clozer (ha) connection between the forum where you can contact people, and the app. For instance, on my mobile phone, I can’t see a person’s profile by clicking on his username - this too should probably, eventually, change.

Lastly I’ve been suggesting in a mail through the contact shortcut to consider adding medals/achievements to profiles for pro users. These could have specific designs depending on the target language, and would evolute according to your level, for instance.
An other idea taken from the bulk of RPG games is the idea of clans, guilds, groups of users, name it however you want. All in all, it’s a way to push users to draw links with one an other.
In a more general way, I believe adding some kind of pretty (useless) rewards/RPG elements would 1) push more users to buy pro, thus supporting you 2) build on the excitement you have already striven to create by inputing RPG elements in Clozemaster. Right now, the app feels fun, but a bit austere - no colors, anywhere.

I am aware this is a difficult and sensitive topic. Clozemaster is dancing on the line which separates sheer game and mere tool, and I am sure quite a few people are forgetting why they started using Clozemaster in the first place, only focusing on getting points and grinding up the leaderboards. This is certainly not genuine; Clozemaster is a way to cheat your brain into learning - it is addictive and pushes the right buttons to be so. It’s also quite a disaster, since Clozemaster is, in spite of the pretty shiny progress bars, terribly time consuming. According to my calculations, I’ve spent about 160 hours on Clozemaster so far - and in comparison to that, quite little actually reading books, speaking with natives or listening to podcast, just because I felt it wasn’t quite as effective - at least at the start. When you consider that some people have ten times my score, it makes you wonder. (By the way, 1600 hours of play-time is fairly average among long time players of video games such as Counter Strike or League of Legends).

That’s why I think all these things should be fully customizable for pro users - toggle on, toggle off. For some, maybe the whole idea of a score doesn’t work - it can be perceived as stressful; though they can still benefit from the fact Clozemaster is a wonderful tool to learn vocabulary in context.

ps - you may feel overwhelmed by the suggestions you hear from users. I’m not sure what your dev team looks like, but have you considered asking for volunteer help? Judging by github, there’s some people out there who are passionate enough about a project to help improving it for free.


The reason for anyone to play Clozemaster is varied, but the reason for someone to pay to use closemaster is to efficiently learn Chinese or another language. It does hit some of the marks, but it could, and should be a lot better. Your ideas to encourage and better gamify CM are on the mark. A very good first step would be to follow in the steps of Duolingo. When a participant suggestion for error correction is made, you are notified that the change is made. And for God’s sake, you should get some points for that as well.

The ultimate judgement of CM success is paying subscribers and it appears to me the biggest users of the platform are free-users. Maybe they are satisfied with that. I am paying, but I am shopping around as I need to find a very efficient and versatile tool to get me where I am going more quickly.


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