I want no reviews, but Clozemaster is assigning them to me

In one of my languages, German, I want to play only new sentences. I don’t want to be assigned any reviews. However, even though I have enabled “Max reviews per collection per day” and set it to 0, I keep being shown sentences that I’ve seen before (which are marked as 25% or more mastered). Is the problem that I’ve only set the value to 0 today, and it needs to take a while to go into effect? Maybe a day? Or are the reviews that were already scheduled still going to happen regardless of the setting I choose?

There is a workaround, which is to set the value to something greater than 0, choose several “New” sentences from a particular collection (via “Manage collection”), and mark them “Add to reviews”. But this won’t let me suspend the reviews of sentences that I’ve partially mastered. Furthermore, in the group of 10 sentences that I selected from the German >10,000 Most Common collection, five of the cloze words were “blieben” and four were “französiche/Französische”. That means this approach is useless in terms of my goal, which is to see as many new cloze words as possible. (The poor sorting might eventually be material for a separate bug report.)

Am I doing something wrong? Is Clozemaster? Is there a better workaround?

I can’t reproduce your problem. For me, it works.

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