How to play cards of a specific mastery level

I have like 95% mastery in one of the new fast track tiers, I want to playing only the unmastered cards but it feeds me cards I already have 100% on. Even when I click the review button.

I dont want to go thru the whole deck again , I only want to play the unmastered cards

In the review options, you could configure the review order to play “0% first”. Then you could simply stop as soon as the first 100% sentence shows up.

Furthermore, you could change the “180 days” to “Never” to make sure the mastered sentences don’t come back if you do review them.

Then, you can remove all sentences already at 100% from your review queue. Click the button next to the Play button, filter for the sentences at 100%, click the “Select all” button, and click the brain button.