How to change my Pro subscription to Lifetime subscription?

Is this possible? I haven’t found how to do this even when clicking on my profile. There’s an option to delete the account or not renew my yearly. Suggestions appreciated.

I believe that you have to wait until your subscription ends, and then you can start a new plan.

There was a Reddit post last November at the time of the USA’s Thanksgiving holiday, in which wakawakafoobar (which I believe is the Reddit pseudonym of @mike) said that they don’t currently have the infrastructure in place to switch plans.

Did you write this post because you’ve seen the current sale available to existing free users (i.e. 50% discount until Saturday 13th August)?

For anyone else reading this, the current sale for free users is because the free plan for all users is being restricted to 30 sentences per day per language as of 13th August (and recent new users are already subject to this restriction).

My annual plan is just ending (it should have ended yesterday, but there appears to be some strangeness with my timezone so I’m still Pro), and after it expires I will probably subscribe to the lifetime.

If you originally subscribed with a discount (and hence a perpetual discount for as long as you remain subscribed), then you can write to and ask if they will give you a coupon code to get a discount for your new plan when it ends. They are very responsive. I did this because my auto-renewal was cancelled by Clozemaster (see this post to understand why this was so) and I received an extremely prompt response.

P.S. It’s pure coincidence that my plan is ending just as the sale for free users is taking place, but it means that it saves @mike and team the need to generate me a special coupon code :joy: