"Language Innovation LLC canceled your automatic payments"?


I’ve been subscribed to Clozemaster PRO for quite some time, and I got a message from Paypal today saying that “Language Innovation LLC canceled your automatic payments. This means we’ll no longer automatically draw money from your account to pay the merchant. If you have any questions, you may ask Language Innovation LLC about this cancellation.”

So here I am!!! I’m curious what is going on here.

I have been very happy with my subscription and would like to continue subscribing and continuing to support this site.



Thanks for posting and sorry for the confusion! We sent out an explanation email earlier - the gist is that we’ve had to change how payments are handled for Clozemaster Pro due to recent sales and VAT tax changes, and as a result we’ve had to disable auto-renew for PayPal subscriptions. You’ll still be able to resubscribe via PayPal once your current subscription expires (or via credit card or in-app purchase in the mobile app), and we certainly hope that you will. :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry for the trouble, we know it’s a hassle.

You should still have access to Pro for the remainder of your current subscription, please let us know of course if you do not.

Thanks again and thanks for supporting Clozemaster!