How to add translations to Tatoeba

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. How do I suggest an alternate (perhaps better) translation to a particular sentence Tatoeaba? Do I add a comment to the sentence page for the sentence owner to see and add?

Some instruction on this might be helpful in the flag translation window as well as I find the Tatoeba layout / structure a bit confounding.


In order to do any of the following operations, you need to be registered at Tatoeba. I assume you are.

You can:

  • add a translation yourself (assuming you have a very high level in the language in which you’re adding the translation) by clicking on the “translate” icon (a Japanese character plus a letter “A”) above the sentence
  • add a comment to the original translation (especially if you think there’s something wrong with it as a sentence, or as a translation)
  • add a tag like “@change” or “@check” (though this requires advanced contributor status)

Tatoeba has help links at the bottom of every page. If those don’t tell you what you need to know, just tell me.


Thank you @alanf – the translate icon is so subtle. It was right there all along. D’oh.


It’s kind of addicting once you start adding translations. :grin: