“How Reviews Work” link does nothing

Link leads nowhere, and I’d like to know how they work! For example, how are reviews grouped? Will I see a mix of 0/25/50/75/100 percent learned, or are they sorted in some order or?

Thanks for letting me know! What browser are you using? That link should show a popup with the following info:

Clozemaster uses a spaced repetition system to help you remember what you learn. Intervals are set to 1 day (25% Mastered), 10 days (50% Mastered), 30 days (75% Mastered), and 180 days (100% Mastered) by default. Clozemaster Pro users can customize the intervals. You can also manually master or reset sentences while playing.

No popup using Chrome or Safari on iPad.
Tried switching Chrome to “Desktop view” — still no popup.

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Thanks for the followup! Will work on getting that fixed.

The dialog does come up properly in Firefox on Windows.