How many times have I played this cloze?

I see that there is a counter of how many times a cloze has been played, but I can only see it if I search for the sentence in the collection. I think this information is interesting, since a high number would point to a very difficult cloze.

Therefore I would like to see this counter directly on the screen while playing the cloze, to make me more aware of a potential hidden difficulty, and as an aid to determine how soon I need to review it again.

I think this number could also be used by the system to somehow prioritize the most difficult clozes, maybe as a special review mode.

What do you think, @mike and fellow Clozemasters?


Yes, please, I’m all for this!

I would also really love to be able to search, or at the very least sort, all sentences / collections by this statistic.

I know there is the statistic which reflects whether you got it wrong multiple times, but that’s still not quite the same. Since I might have always got it right, but still struggle with it (hence often resetting it, to be confronted with it sooner again).