Hitting Any Key After a Correct Submission Blanks The Field

I’ve been bothered by this for months but am only reporting it now. While doing open-ended practice (typing words into the blank) on Desktop, after I submit the answer and it is marked correct, if I type ANY key on the keyboard, the box is blanked, it even blanks it if I tap the ALT key, CTRL, Tab, or other keys which are special keys used to navigate in the browser or execute system commands and which normally would have no expected effect on the content of a webpage. Because merely tapping ALT or CTRL blanks it, I cannot use any commands that require these keys to be held down, without triggering this.

This is exceedingly annoying as sometimes I want to copy and paste the word and look it up somewhere, or I just want to look at it for a second, and then the word disappears because I accidentally hit a key.

It is also highly unintuitive behavior, because it’s a text field. I’m especially irritated by the fact that system-navigation features trigger it too, because it’s very bad user experience for a keystroke directed at the system to be captured by the browser in this way. It’s not clear to me why it behaves this way.

It also seems like this would be really easy to fix. Is there any way we can get this fixed? Thanks much!

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Thanks for reporting this. It causes me a lot of headache as well, but it hadn’t occurred to me to mention it.

Hi @cazort, Mike beat you to this. It came up a couple of / few months ago and you can now use this setting:


This is great, but I never would have thought of looking in the settings for it.


The settings are an ever-expanding list of options to give you control over your Clozemaster experience; it’s worth scanning through them every so often to see what’s new. Changes will be mentioned here in the discussions area, but it’s possible to miss some. That’s not a criticism; I much prefer the situation that we have where Mike and the team are incredibly responsive so CM is ever-changing for the better, even if some changes escape notice at the time.


Thanks much! I think I would do well to review these settings more often; it looks like there are a lot more setting available now than when I first signed up for the site!

Overall I am super impressed with how this site is maintained, especially contrasting to competing sites like Duolingo and Lingvist (especially Duolingo) which seem to do less with more resources.