Help us improve Clozemaster! What would you most like to see added, changed, or improved?

Thank you Mike. I need those crazy clips - now everybody is happy and the crazies are toggliable! :wave::tada::wink:


Barcarolle. The crazy clips are now toggliable, yay, so we’re all happy! They are actually very funny, particularly the three crazy gals. Best regards to you, happy learning!


Thank you :pray: appreciated


It’s a great improvement, but I think these settings should be general, so one doesn’t have to set them for each language pair individually.

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This is a “way out there” request and I can’t think of an easy way of implementing it, so it’s not something that I ever expect to happen. However I’d like to throw it out there regardless.

With a lot of European / Romance languages, the nouns and adjectives change according to the sex of the speaker. I use the audio a LOT (almost exclusively). It’s a bit jarring to hear a sentence come out in a voice that does not match the grammatical context.

Flagging the sentences so that the program knows which voice to use would obviously be a monolithic task, especially in a language like Italian where some nouns don’t necessarily change with the speaker, but the article does instead. Then there’s the additional problem that as discussed previously, custom collections all use Backfeed Betty’s voice so there is no male voice at all. As a result, I’m not at all expecting this to happen, and certainly not any time soon… but it would be a “nice if it happened somewhere in the future”.


Ciao LuciusVorenusX. Interesting point. This doesn’t bother me too much tho jarring Backfeed Betty (che nome eh!) really does. If only we could have Giorgio and Carla on the Collections, I think I’d do them more often. Perhaps in time… Ciao👋


LuciusVorenusX I absolutely agree with you on “he” and “her” mismatched voices issue. I listened as an example , to “nato” and “nata” in the sentences search cloze.The female voice says “nata” about herself in one sentence, then a male voice says “nata” about himself in a differen sentence. I , as learner, supposed to perceive the female voice as a direct speech, and a male voice as guy who reads the text about female who talks about herself. You said jarring? Ditto!


Actually that gave me a laugh because I was just thinking this morning that I have been spending way, waaaaaaaay too much time on Clozemaster over the last couple of months and need to back it up a bit. Why the laugh? Because by extension, that means that I have been spending way, way too much time on custom collections. In Italian it has been almost all in custom collections because I’m trying to pound about 3000 core collection sentences into my skull to the point that they become the equivalent of muscle memory, plus about 3,000 others on a longer review cycle. That in turn means that it’s Backfeed Betty all the way, even if the sentence was “Sono un uomo virile ben muscoloso con grandi baffi.”

I’ve just started German but am starting with a very softly, softly approach there, and not making the mistakes that (IMHO) I made with Italian. Rather than doing Fluency Fast Track (where you can be exposed to anything, anywhere in the language) I’m starting with the “Top 100 Words” collection… and clearing my reviews as they appear rather than letting them pile up to the point of drowning me. When I get to the end of that I’ll go to Top 500. Since these are built-in collections I get the random male and female voice, but again there’s no guarantee that the voice will match the sentence.


Ciao LuciusVorenusX, oh che ridere “sono un uomo virile…” (she said, in a gruff voice). FFT is so tempting but the Collections and Top100 Words give so much more and your mention has reminded me to use them more, regardless of BB’s schizzati (speaks like gunfire). Ciao👋

Ps. I meant to say, I too keep my reviews under control to avoid the stress of seeing them multiply. Seems to work well so far.


It would be useful to be able to enable/disable notes and hints. I believe this is not possible at the moment.

For example, I like to take a look at the notes/hints when playing with Text Input, but sometimes I’d rather not see them for example, when playing Multiple Choice (as it makes the answer way too easy, and essentially pointless to play this mode).


Agree. I don’t like to see the Notes before answering, since they may contain spoilers. Since the Notes are always visible I have stopped using them altogether. I always want to see the hints, though, since I use them to indicate gender and number, among other things. So it should be configurable.


That’s great! The manual master confirmation off toggle only works if you click the master button though. When using the keyboard shortcut, the confirmation popup is still there.


Thanks for letting us know! This should now be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback! Hints are now toggle-able via the game settings, and notes should now only be shown after answering. Please let us know if either are not working as expected or you had something else in mind. Toggle-able hints should be included in the next mobile app release as well.

@LuciusVorenusX @Floria7 @barcarolle good point about the voice mismatched! Thanks for raising this issue. It’ll take us a bit more time, but we have a few ideas we’ll try to get better matches. Will keep you posted!

Good points! We’re aiming to get more stats added on both mobile and the web :+1:

Thanks again for all the great feedback! Anything else just let us know! :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


Hi! Morbrorper! when i first saw your post on the new sentences from “today” i realized my memory works similar to yours. i tried to do it this way: I stared new sentences from a 3000 batch i am currently on. when i am done with the round, say of 30, i go down the the screen to the list of just finished sentences and put every single one in favorites. in the evening, i go back to my favorites, find my 3000 batch i put in the morning . guess what? 2 or 3 out of 30 i could not spell correctly but i remembered the word! i stopped my custom files completely. it is not for me. hope it works for you. i am clearing my horrible review backlog and working my system of small steps which gives me a much needed progress. once again, thank you.


One thing I like to do when the round is finished, is to take a quick glance at all the sentences I’ve played, to check if I can get the meaning of each one, without looking at the translation. Of course, since the translation is right there, it makes this task a little bit difficult. Would it be possible to make these translations toggleable?


Hi punk. I do much the same. I do say 20, then scroll down and read through those I know I stumbled on. I put one or two in Favourites for another time but don’t let them build up. Like Barcarolle, I work on my Reviews and always try to keep them up-to-date even if it means spending a little extra time away from new work. Allora, un buon weekend a tutti !


You know, this might be out there, but one thing that would be really cool is if one cloze word could be composed of two (or more) words or parts. It seems to me, a big gap with Clozemaster—and I don’t know of an app that’s really addressed this—is that you can’t really effectively study separable words or the syntax rules that go with them. I’m thinking of, like, pronomial adverbs or separable verbs in Dutch or reflexive verbs in Czech, where the parts can split up into many different parts of a sentence. It would be tremendous if I could create a sentence like,

Mijn moeder repte {{er}} niet {{over}}.

for the word ‘erover’ or

Potkáš-li náhodou Mary, řekni jí, že {{se}} po ní {{ptal}} Tom.

for ‘ptát se’ (or ‘se ptal’ as the case may be).

That would be a game-changer for me for sure.


Or simply randomized clozes?
To have the ability to select a mode where the cloze of any given sentence changes each time you play it… you get scored according to how often you demonstrate apprehension of the entire phrase. You could call it the “Free-fire zone” :grin:


This may be niche, but I would really enjoy some way to queue a set of sentences across languages. In much the same way that the infinite option works.

Something like - I set up that I want 5 sentences from 100 word usage in Chinese, 5 from 200 word usage, but then also 10 from Chinese with traditional characters, and 10 from Cantonese after this. Then I click play once, and it goes through all of these sequentially.

I have a pretty consistent routine on clozemaster, and this would be very useful for making sure no language gets missed each day - set and forget. Especially if this daily routine could be started from exactly where it was left off when interrupted.