Having two Cloze words in one sentence?

Hey, couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

Is there a possibility to have two cloze words in a sentence? In German, for example, lots of verbs split and part of them go at the end. For example:

du siehst gut aus - 1 verb = aussehen

Would be nice to have du ____ gut ____ .

Any way to do it?


Welcome @inhabulos. An interesting thought. I wonder how it would work in Italian?

Best regards… Floria7


As far as I’m aware, it’s not currently possible, and would need to be implemented as a feature first in order to be supported.

It could be nice for such applications indeed, though it’s going to be even harder to implement for Multiple Choice for example, and would probably require manual selection/checking of the sentences when implementing, since you could also imagine for example a sentence like “Ich sehe ihn aus den Augenwinkeln(?)”, which does not come from “aussehen”, yet does follow a similar [sehen] … [aus] sentence structure.

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@sindaco Ah, hai ragione. I hadn’t thought about multiple choice.


Yes, that can be problematic. Although would be great for own collections + manual entries + text input (which I find the most effective use of clozemaster)

Similar functionality is already available for Cloze-reading where clozes are picked automatically. Would be great to be able to pick them manually with {{ }}

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