Hasta ahora no han habido noticias.

The sentence has been corrected over at Tatoeba: “ha habido”. (it is the past of “hay”, which is not conjugated by number.)


so “Han habido” is wrong? It sounds right to me. Maybe it’s slang I don’t know. :man_shrugging: I hear and say this a lot.

Sorry, didn’t see your reply until now. Anyway, would you say “hubieron noticias”, or “habrán noticias”, too?

Update: see https://www.rae.es/dpd/haber, section 4. It turns out that “noticias” is the direct complement, not the subject, so the verb is always in the third person singular.

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That would be very formal.

It can’t be used here since hasta ahora can’t be used with the future.

I would use " ha habido" or “han habido” the second one is wrong as you said so I won’t use it more.

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