Hard, Normal and Easy buttons also for the first time you master a cloze

For those who have enabled the option, I think it would make sense to be able to choose between Hard, Normal, and Easy already the first time one masters a cloze, not only when reviewing already-mastered ones.

I often find myself thinking “this one was hard; will I remember it when it comes up for review next time?”, or “this one was easy; I wish I won’t have to see it so soon”. I have hitherto addressed that problem by having a relatively short 100%-mastered period, at the cost of a higher review load. If this was implemented I would be able to prolong that period.


This is what I’ve been wanting too.

In fact, it would be even more amazing if it would be possible to adjust review intervals accordingly from the start. For instance, if I think something is “easy”, I might never want to see it again (or only at the 100% mastered interval at most). For a “normal” word, I might want to see it as I’ve currently set up the (custom) intervals, and for “hard”, I might want an extra review interval (or two ideally).

I also have managed to build up a mountain of reviews by having brougt down my 100 % mastered interval to try to achieve the same, but since I don’t like “ignoring” words, that means I just ended up seeing the easy ones even more than I would’ve liked. Now I either add the “hard” ones to a custom collection, so I can more easily review them more often and/or I manually reset the mastered percentage, but intuitively it would make much more sense to me indeed to be able to specify how “easy” or “hard” you’re finding the words the first time you encounter them, and have the review intervals adjusted accordingly, even for the 25% mastered etc.


Definitely support that idea. And I agree that I usually know it as soon as I see it. There’s no need to wait until I’ve seen it multiple times.

In the meantime, I’m creating three separate lists: Easy, “Advanced Beginner”, and Hard. I’m doing this partly because 1) CM is often choosing the most common Hindi words as clozes instead of the unique words (something I already complained about), and 2) There’s no fast fluency track for Hindi, and I figure if my list gets big enough I could share it and people could use the Easy when they’re starting out.

But yes, if there were a button to mark things as soon as I see them, it would save me some time. One imagines that CM could collect people’s ratings too, and create FFTs automatically after enough people have encountered each sentence.

I have also started creating a redundant sentences list, because often Tatoeba has multiple Hindi translations for different forms of you or male/female verb forms. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with the redundant ones; maybe at some point there will be the option to NOT get sentences from a certain list.


I’m in favour of this as well.


Me too. Very much in favour of the HNE buttons.


There is a possible workaround: after you have successfully answered the cloze, reset progress to zero. Then, next time it appears, deliberately answer it wrongly and immediately reset progress to fully mastered. You should then be presented with the full set of buttons after you answer correctly on the retake. Simples! :slightly_smiling_face:

Alternatively: if you’re on 75%, deliberately fail the cloze and set progress to fully mastered. Then wait for the buttons on the retake.