Grammar challenges: working properly?

I don’t know whether this is a bug, or whether you just could explain to me how this is supposed to work.

At the top of 'Grammar challenges", there is a symbol of a trophy, and the figures “0/8”.

Which makes sense at the beginning stages… But now that i have done more than 12.5% of each of the Grammar challenges, I might expect that number 0/8 to change. Perhaps the trophies to multiply?

I’d rather not admit that these rewards and yardsticks are important to our progress on this site, but perhaps I just did…

thanks… Romanophile.

PS – big fan of your site.

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Do there happen to be 8 challenges? And, how many of the 8 have you completed? 0? Hmmm

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Ah yes, thank you, of course. I’ve been doing all of them gradually, but I will now finish one of them to prove you right. (And now it’s 1/8…) (And now, a few weeks later, it’s 8/8.)

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That number is indeed just meant to represent how many Grammar Challenges you’ve completed. Thanks for letting me know it’s a bit unclear, as well as for the PS :slight_smile: Any other feedback please sure to let us know of course.

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