German "Listening" skill not available on web

On android I can practice the listening skill, but for some reason I can not select it on the web version.


Is this intentional or tied to some setting in my account?

On which browser? And what is your “Use Clozemaster Voice” setting when you go into the collection and choose the Options cogwheel?

On Chrome, with Use Clozemaster Voice set to On, I see the listening option available in that collection.

Thanks for replying.
I can not see “Clozemaster Voice” on the settings page:

(had to zoom out, so all settings are visible)

Browser: Throium 122.0.6261.132

Did some digging. The reason the “Listening” skill doesn’t show up, is that this returns 0:

window.clozemaster.getSystemTtsVoices('de', 'deu').length

However, I don’t understand why having a system TTS is a prerequisite for the Listening skill when you are serving TTS from a CDN anyways?

Interesting, and good point.

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For a different user, the new Fast Fluency Track for German does not use the voice served by Clozemaster.

In the meantime, can you try a different browser? See why.

Is Android using the Clozemaster voice or the system’s TTS?

I see this issue has been already addressed, you guys are fast!

Listening now works on Thorium even though

window.clozemaster.getSystemTtsVoices('de', 'deu')

returns an empty list.

Regarding android: playback used the clozemaster tts, not the system voice.

Thanks for taking a look!


Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble! This should now be fixed. Apologies for the delay. The initial voices turned out to be only just ok, so we regenerated with different voices. Please let us know if you’re still not seeing the listening skill option come up.


All good. Kudos for even supporting less mainstream browsers, I’m really impressed.

Thank you both!

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