Full Leaderboard?

This might seem silly to some — all? — but I would find it motivating if I could see the entire leaderboard, from #1 on down, in order to set goals.
For example, I am currently at around #150 in German all-time. I think it would be cool to set a goal of being in the top 100 by some point in time. But since I have no idea how many points the 100th place currently entails, that isn’t really possible. And while I can see the top 10, that goal would be measure more in years than days/months, and it thus not terribly motivating.


This could be added as an additional feature for paid users.

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Hello LessPaul,
that doesn’t sound silly to me. I’ve thought the same; there really is no good reason for the full leaderboard to be inaccessible. It’s not like it protects the privacy of users - you can still follow them and see their score.
I think it’s more likely something that was forgotten or disregarded.
Anyhow, it’s great to see a fellow German student! :smiley:
If that helps, I’m 54th on the leaderboard with approximately 900 thousand points. (Curious thing I didn’t strive to get the million…)
I’m inactive there now, for I’ve started an other language and can’t manage to do both. Looking forward to see you pass me someday (or not, if an other method to learn German works better for you by then!).


This should be doable - thanks for letting me know it’d be useful! May take some time but will let you know once it’s up.


You rock! Good luck to implement that :slight_smile:

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I just found this web, where there is outdated global leaderboard where you can scroll to see more than just 10 users.
Would be nice to have something similar in clozemaster, where you could scroll to see more people (something like memrise)

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