Fue a verle cuando estaba en Londres.

English Translation

He went to see her while she stayed in London.

isn’t her the direct object? shouldn’t it be verla?


I am a fellow learner, but some of the things that I have read or seen on YouTube recently have talked about Leísmo; here are some links for information -
Leísmo - Wikipedia
Leísmo and the Use of ‘Le’ in Spanish (thoughtco.com)

Whilst the discussions I’ve seen are normally about replacing lo with le, the commentors normally mention that in common colloquial usage it might also be done with la, even though this is non-standard.

This is supposedly something more common in North-Central Spain, and the sentence owner on Tatoeba is from “Centro de España (Madrid y alrededores)”- Shishir (Rocío) - Tatoeba - so that would be consistent.

… or it could just be a typo.

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Looking more closely on the Tatoeba page, I see that Shishir translated this from Turkish, and then somebody else (a non-native speaker) linked it to the English, which I have now unlinked.

Shishir is actually one of the maintainers of the Spanish corpus on Tatoeba, and she is not one to use leismo incorrectly.


I am a native" leísta" :laughing:


Aah, that makes sense.

By coincidence, in Portuguese from English I’ve just come across this sentence which has the English translation of -

“You should avoid adding sentences in a language other than your own, because unless you write in your mother tongue or dialect, you are prone to make many mistakes”

I guess that should also apply to “avoid linking sentences …”

P.S. I do note though that the English and Spanish sentences are still indirectly linked on Tatoeba (the Spanish is a translation of the Turkish which is a translation of the English), and so even if they hadn’t been directly linked over there, they might still have shown up as translations in Clozemaster.


Actually, for some reason I thought that you had added the first comment to this thread, and thought “great, @Adrianxu the native expert is answering”. Then I looked again … and there wasn’t any reply from you! Was I dreaming? :thinking:

So, I thought I’d better add a comment from a fellow learner as a plan-B anyway.

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I posted but then I got confused and I was not sure if my answer was correct, so I deleted it. Anyway with your post I could confirm I was not exactly right, I remember I said something like “both are correct”. :sweat_smile:

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