Fluency Fast Track & Most Common Words


I’ve been using Clozemaster for about 2 weeks now and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m still trying to figure out how the Fluency Fast Track works:
In the fast track stats there is information about the amount of sentences in each category (100, 500, 1000 most common, …)
But then there is only 1 sentence from the 100 Most Commom, what happened to the other 99? 500 Most common has 303 sentences, what about the rest?

I feel like these are probably the most important words to learn so why are they missing? Or are they not?


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Welcome to Clozemaster, glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it so far! :slight_smile:

Which language pairing is this? It does seem a bit odd indeed… The Italian from English Fluency Fast Track (FFT) definitely has more sentences for instance, though also “just” 332 sentences for the 500 most common words.

If I recall correctly, the FFT Most Common Words will be the clozes in these sentences, but you’ll see multiple sentence for each of these words, and you’ll also see these same sentences appear where the less commonly occurring word will be the cloze word to complete as you progress through the FFT.

The whole idea of Clozemaster is that you don’t just learn (the most common) words in isolation, but in context. Thus overall I don’t think you’ll have to worry about not learning the most common words here, but 1 sentence for the 100 most common words does still seem unusual.

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Thank you for the reply!
It’s just “Français from English” so I assume it’s a pretty popular language pairing.

I’m just a bit worried that I’m missing out on important “x most common” words, maybe it’s better to do 100, 500, 1000, … most common instead?