Finished Refold 1k Deck, transitioning to Fluency Fastrack

Hello friends - I’m transitioning to the fluency fast track from the Refold 1K deck in French and I’m wondering what the best way to “suspend words” would be in Clozemaster? I know it’s different here than in Anki so I thought that I would ask if anyone has recommendations.

I’m just trying to reduce the amount of time I spend studying words that I already know. Any advice here is appreciated.



Hi Matt, welcome! Marking a sentence as “Known” might be the best option - it will show up in your stats but not come up for review anymore. Alternatively you could “Ignore” it to remove it from the collection entirely. Any other questions please feel free to post! Curious to hear what you think of the Refold 1k deck vs the FFT.

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Awesome, thanks for the reply! The Refold FR 1K was awesome. I did it while going through their coaching program and for me it was a great kickstart. I see room for both and Refold does recommend that students checkout Clozemaster if they really don’t vibe with Anki.

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