File upload/downloader (200 characters max for Notes & no Hint section)

Hello @mike and the Team!

When I uploaded a CSV file to import sentences to my personal collection, the system said “0 error” and “all successfully saved.” However, the collection now has one sentence fewer than the CSV file does. It turned out that the Notes section of the missing sentence exceeds 200 characters. The system returns the error message “Notes is too long (maximum is 200 characters)” only when using the “Manual Entry” (one-by-one entry). Could you also add the validation process to check the maximum length when bulk-uploading by a CSV/TSV file?

I would also appreciate if you could add the “Hint” column to the file uploader and the favorite downloader. I am tired of manually copying and pasting hints to my personal collection after bulk-importing.

Thank you,

ETA: One more thing. When the “Cloze” column of a CSV file contains a typo, the system does not return an error message and picks up an alternative cloze-word from the sentence secretly and randomly. It should return an error message as well.