Feedback floating button gets in the way on small screens (solved)

I really wish the floating button in the bottom-left corner could be hidden away on small devices, since it gets in the way and obscures the input area when the virtual keyboard takes up the bottom part of the screen.

I was not able to take a screenshot with the keyboard visible, so this was the best I could do. Here, the correct option is partially hidden:

Update 1: I think this has already been fixed, just a few hours later. Much appreciated!

Update 2: The change seems not to have taken effect on two of my language pairings: Spanish from English and Portuguese from Spanish. Strange!

Update 3: And Danish from Spanish.


Morbrorper, that’s exactly it. Plus a bright white menu bar if I tap on the popup! Spent hours looking through Google but as it only happens with Cloze, it must be Cloze. I will be patient, yes I will!


Morbrorper. Strange happenings. Took my tablet to a “chap up the road”, he logged onto his WiFi, I went to great lengths to explain my problem, showed him three screenshots of the annoying white strip right across top of keyboard - and lo, nothing there! Embarrassed or what?! The tiny white box bottom left corner remains dammit but I avoid it like the proverbial. So it’s better than nothing. Perhaps the flippin white box will suddenly disappear soooon! Be well!


Hi morbrorper. Mi chiedo, do you still have the floaty white 1" bar? I still have it Italian to English and vice versa. I’ve sort of become used to it but wish it wasn’t there. Ah well, the fewest reviews for over a week is great compensation;-)

Tanti auguri…


@Floria7, I am happy to report that the bar is finally gone for me, on my small-screen telephone, where it matters the most.

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Ah, I’m so glad. My tablet still has it so I’m careful not to click on it. Perhaps in time it will suddenly disappear.

Ciao ciao…

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