Feature request: prioritizing reviews by %learned

Sorry, if this is a repost, I performed a cursory search but didn’t see anything directly addressing this topic.

Is it possible to have an option to prioritize the 0% reviews over the 25%, over the 50%, over the 75%, and over the 100%.?

From my understanding of SRS, the less ingrained in your mind an item is, the higher percentage chance that delaying a review will cause you to forget it. It would then follow that focusing on less mature items first would lead to fewer items forgotten and a higher overall efficiency.

Let’s say I have 200 reviews scheduled in a day, 100 are for mature items (100%) and 100 things I just learned yesterday (25%). If I only have time to review 100, if clozemaster prioritized the 100 25% items, it would help strengthen those items but the mature ones are not likely to be forgotten in the extra day (the slope of the forgetting curve is much less). Whereas if it was random and I did 50/50, many of the unreviewed 25% items might be forgotten by the time I got around to them.


@kadrian, I guess, you too?

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Absolutely. The more mastered sentences you’ve built up, the more of a problem this becomes. I’d love to be making progress on reviewing the new sentences recently added to the Latin collection, but they’re banked up behind thousands of fully mastered reviews that the system wants me to clear first.

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You can now choose the order in which you review sentences :tada:

Options are:

  • oldest due first (default)
  • most recently due first
  • 0% mastered first
  • 100% mastered first

This should cover the feature requested here (thanks for the input @jamesp999 @Tarob @kadrian) and hopefully be a good compromise for Splitting reviews per percentage - Questions, Suggestions, Feedback - Clozemaster and Reviews by % mastered - #3 by kadrian - Questions, Suggestions, Feedback - Clozemaster. The issue with playing exclusively 25% mastered sentences due for review, for example, is how best to make that an option without cluttering/complicating the UI - still to be determined.

Please let us know if you notice any issues. Assuming it works as expected on the web we’ll eventually get it added to the mobile app as well (note that this setting should already carry over to playing on the mobile app when online as well). Thanks again!


Working on my new 25% reviews in Latin now and will report back!


The “0% mastered first” option works fine for my purposes. It gave me all my 25% Latin reviews and is now showing my 50% reviews - perfect!


Today it’s not working quite like I thought it would. These were my Latin reviews before playing a round of 50 reviews:


And this is after:


All 50 reviews came from the 50% mastered category and none from the 25% mastered category.

My review setting is:


Not a huge problem, just not quite what I was expecting, which was that 25% reviews would always take priority.

ETA: Please ignore this - I think those 25% reviews haven’t actually been released yet and may come up tomorrow.

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I also noticed it acting funny. It didn’t seem to be prioritizing when I reviewed all, but it did when I selected a single collection.

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Today it gave me 25%, then 50% as expected. Apologies for the confusion yesterday.

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it works for me too, I think they fixed it overnight

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We indeed put up a fix for reviewing all - please let us know if you’re still seeing any issues. Thanks!