Feature Request: Pause Review Queue

I was thinking about something someone mentioned in an older post. Namely, about how the about of daily reviews would build up and eventually become unamangeable; unless you set 100% reviews to “never”. I thought of another solution: allowing a user to manually “pause” the review queue; so that no further reviews would accumulate.

This would allow you to begin to clear the review queue if you happened to take a few days off practicing. Once you turned it back on, more reviews would begin to accumulate again.

I suppose one might argue that giving the user that ability would break the intended spaced repetition system, however, I would argue that the ability to customize review intervals already does this.

Also, I think my solution is more useful than turning 100% mastered interval to NEVER, because my solution allows you to keep 100% mastered solutions in the shuffle.

Sapete cosa voglio dire?