Feature request - Manage sentences

Hello guys, I hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been waiting for this option for some time with my friends but nothing happened so I thought I make a request for it because there are some people out there who’d found this useful, moreover essential.

For the Fluency Fast Track, we have the option Manage Fast Track where we can set favourites, tweak progresses or can remove from the queue.

I really really want this ‘manage’ feature to be available for sub groups as well (for Most Common Words categories and for Grammar Challanges categories).

So I’d like to view all sentences for example from 501-1,000 Most Common Words or from Auxiliary Verbs pack and using the above-mentioned options.

Any chance for this?


Hi, thanks for your message and for letting us know you’re interested in something like that. We’re working on a bunch of cool features at the moment, but I’ve opened a ticket with the dev team so we can add it to our to-do list.

If you have any other feature requests or there’s anything else we might do to improve Clozemaster, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you again and happy playing!

Thanks again for the feature request! You can now search and manage sentences by ‘Most Common Words’ groupings like you can for the Fast Track. :tada: Being able to search and manage Grammar Challenges is still on the to-do list and will take a bit longer.

Please let us know of course if you had something else in mind or there’s anything else we can do to improve Clozemaster. Thanks!

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Thank you, Mike!

Awesome upgrade as usual, I really appreciate it.

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Hi Mike, this is a great addition. Can I ask for something else? Would it be possible to have the option of ‘All unplayed’ in the sentence search? Thanks.